The PG or say your ‘HOME AWAY FROM HOME ‘ is a fully furnished Paying Guest Accommodation for Girls in Delhi. We Provides all basic facilities and gives you a Home like Living Environment which is Affordable, Clean, Homely & Secure ( Home Away From Home). 
Facilities provided in our Accommodation:-

1. Utility store:- It is on the ground floor to serve and cater to your requirement of daily knick knacks. It also has the provision to serve and manage individual requirements – on order. Which means  you do not waste your precious time on mundane issues allowing you better utilization of time.

2. GYM : – Gym has been designed to allow you to do your daily workouts to keep you healthy. Gym coach can also be arranged for you in case you  so desire. Although Ms. Deepali will always be there to guide you.





3. Beauty Parlor :– We at your “Home Away From Home” understand your requirements and take care of your comforts. At “Beauty Parlor” you have the option to avail  any of these services for which we would request to take an appointment for your convenience.  The parlor will be equipped with the following services: –  

i. Pedicure 
ii. Manicure 
iii. Bleach
iv. Facial
v. Waxing
vi. Threading
vii. Cleanup
viii. Hair spa
ix. Hair massage
x. Hair coloring.
xi. Half body massage – by machine and manually.
xii. Full body Massage – by machine and manually.

All of the above services are available at reasonable price.
4. Weekly music and dance :– This is just to give you a break from your daily routine – the participation is optional. 
5. Weekly Bhajan Sandhya : – To cater to your spiritual needs – participation is optional as per your leanings. 
6. Birthday and Anniversary parties :- The “PG” will celebrate the birthday and anniversary of each member to give a feeling of home and this will be optional, in case the occupants wish to celebrate. For this also the “PG” will not charge anything to the occupants.
7. Laundry Service: – The service will be available to all the members for their convenience at a very nominal cost . 
8. Food: – Vegetarian food starting from breakfast to dinner will be available for the entire occupants. Again it will be optional and will be charged on use. Occupants who wish to take packed lunch to their working place will be free to avail of the facility at no extra cost.

In food we intend and plan to serve the following at different times. All are chargeable and optional.It can be opted on a regular basis or occasionally:-

1. Warm water with honey in the morning.

2. Almonds and Walnuts in morning.In winter dry and in summer soaked in water.

3. Breakfast (daily different items)

4. Lunch

5. Evening snacks

6. Dinner

7. Warm Milk

(Every item is optional , chargeable and will only be served in “DINING ROOM”)

9. CCTV Security: – The “PG” right from entry gate to roof top is equipped with CCTV cameras to give the occupants fool proof security.

CCTV Security

Entry Gate Equipped with CCTV cameras

10. Mobile Booster: – The “PG” is equipped with mobile boosters to give the occupants strong signals on their respective mobiles so that the occupants may be able to use their mobiles without interruption.
11. Solar Panels equipped with inverter: – The “PG” has solar power panels to provide occupants environment friendly power.
12. Wi-Fi connection: – The “PG” or say your “Home Away From Home has wifi connection to enable you to operate your electronic equipments easily.
13. Intercom connections: – Each room is connected with intercom so that you would have easy access to your fellow occupants, reception and kitchen .

14. Lift  :- The “PG” has lift facility also but presently the installation is under process.

15. Indoor Games  :- “PG” or your “HOME AWAY HOME” also has indoor games facilities at no additional cost such as – “Carrom Board”, “Chess” for every occupant in case these are required.

We welcome you to have a wonderful stay with us –something you can look back on and say — that was a pleasant experience.
We will always be at your service.